List of ETJump server cvars

Below is a list of all ETJump related cvars (console variables) for server configuration.


Name values default
g_adminLog filename adminsystem.log

Logs admin commands in a separate log if g_log is set.


Name values default
g_banDatabase filename bans.dat

File where bans are stored. Filename is currently hardcoded into mod and cannot be changed.


Name values default
g_bannerN any text

Where N is a number from 1 to 5. Text to print out in a banner.


Name values default
g_bannerLocation 0 - 3 1

Sets the location where banners are printed.

  • 0 for center print,
  • 1 for top print,
  • 2 for chat print,
  • 3 for left print.


Name values default
g_bannerTime any integer 60000

How often in milliseconds to print banners.


Name values default
g_banners 0 or 1 0

Toggles banners.


Name values default
g_blockCheatCvars 0 or 1 0

Toggles whether to block cvars that could be considered cheating such:

  • m_pitch (-0.01 <= x <= 0.01)
  • cl_yawspeed (not 0)
  • cl_freelook (0)
  • pmove_Fixed (0) while having
  • com_maxFPS (25 < x or x > 125)


Name values default
g_blockedMaps map names

A list of maps that cannot be voted for. Names are separated by space. Use .bsp names.


Name values default
g_chatOptions 0 or 1 1

Allow players to highlight other players in chat using @name@.


Name values default
g_customMapVotesFile filename customvotes.json

Filename for the custom map votes file.


Name values default
g_customVoiceChat 0 or 1 1

Enables custom text for voice chats.


Name values default
g_dailyLogs 0 or 1 1

Whether to log everything in a single file or change the file daily.


Name values default
g_debugTimeruns 0 or 1 0

Toggles timerun debugging. When enabled, allows players to use cheats during timeruns, but records are not saved.


Name values default
g_debugTrackers 0 or 1 0

Toggles tracker debugging. When enabled, all tracker changes are printed to players. Additionally, players gain access to following commands:

  • tracker_print [index1|all] [index2] [index3]... prints tracker values on specified or all indices. If index isn't specified, defaults to index 1.
  • tracker_set [index|all] [value] sets tracker on specified index to specified value. If index is not specified, defaults to index 1.

Timerun records are not saved when tracker debugging is enabled.


Name values default
g_disableVoteAfterMapChange any integer 30000

How long players must wait to vote again in milliseconds after map changes.


Name values default
g_enableVote 0 or 1 1

Toggles voting.


Name values default
g_floodlimit any integer 5

How many times can player send a message fast before flood protection kicks in.


Name values default
g_floodprotection 0 or 1 1

Toggles flood protection.


Name values default
g_floodwait any integer 768

Time in milliseconds to allow player to send messages again.


Name values default
g_ghostPlayers 0 or 1 1

Toggles whether players can go through each other.


Name values default
g_goto 0 or 1 1

Toggles goto.


Name values default
g_lastVisitedMessage any text ^2Welcome back! Your last visit was on [t].

Message that prints to returning players.


Name values default
g_levelConfig filename levels.cfg

File to store levels in.


Name values default
g_mapDatabase filename maps.dat

File where information about maps is stored (eg. playtime).


Name values default
g_mapScriptDir directory name scripts

Directory to load custom map scripts from.


Name values default
g_maxConnsPerIP any integer 2

How many clients can connect from a single IP address.


Name values default
g_motdFile filename motd.json

File that has the message of the day.


Name values default
g_moverScale 0.1 - 5.0 1.0

Scales movement speed of vehicles. Can be also accessed with !moverscale admin command.


Name values default
g_mute 0 - 3 0

Mute behaviour.

  • 0 default behaviour.
  • 1 disable private messages.
  • 2 disable callvote.
  • 3 disable both.


Name values default
g_nameChangeInterval any integer 60

How often in seconds is the name change limit reseted.


Name values default
g_nameChangeLimit any integer 5

How many times user can change name.


Name values default
g_noclip 0 or 1 0

Toggles noclip for players.


Name values default
g_nofatigue 0 or 1 1

Toggles nofatigue for players.


Name values default
g_portalDebug 0 or 1 0

Toggles drawing of portal activation box.


Name values default
g_portalMode 0 or 1 1

Toggles restricted portal gun mode.

  • 0 to give portal gun to players on spawn.
  • 1 to disable.


Name values default
g_raceDatabase filename races.db

File where information about races is stored in. Filename is currently hardcoded into mod and cannot be changed.


Name values default
g_save 0 or 1 1

Toggles save and load.


Name values default
g_savemsg any text "^7Saved"

What to print when player saves a position.


Name values default
g_spectatorVote 0 - 2 0

Toggles spectator voting.

  • 1 spectators can cast votes.
  • 2 spectators can also call votes.

Note: Only spectators who participate in voting are taken into account by vote_percent cvar, to prevent votes never passing on servers with multiple idle spectators.


Name values default
g_timerunsDatabase filename timeruns.db

File to store timeruns data in.


Name values default
g_tokensMode 0 or 1 1

Enables players to use !tokens command to add collectible tokens into a map.


Name values default
g_tokensPath directory name tokens

Directory where tokens information is stored.


Name values default
g_userConfig filename users.db

File to store user data in.


Name values default
g_voteCooldown any integer 15

How long must a player wait to call another vote.


Name values default
g_weapons 0 or 1 1

Toggles whether players spawn with weapons or just knife.


Name values default
vote_allow_randommap 0 or 1 1

Toggles whether players can vote for a random map.


Name values default
vote_minVoteDuration any integer 5000

Minimum time in milliseconds a vote must active before passing.