ETJump documentation

This is official ETJump documentation. It contains client and server cvars, aswell as other useful server and mapping information. To get latest ETJump version visit

Things everyone should know


You should always have pmove_fixed set to 1. It can be simply done by typing /pmove_fixed 1 in the console.

Additional information
Pmove_fixed is an attempt to even out the jump height differences between different FPSes (frames per second). What it is doing is trying to simulate a stable 125 FPS. There is a small difference between a stable 125 FPS and pmove_fixed "1", so you should always have pmove_fixed set to 1 when trickjumping.

Don't use pmove_fixed 1 when playing other mods. It increases the bullet spread and makes it harder to hit targets!


You don't need to use adrenaline in ETJump thanks to this feature. Setting etj_nofatigue 1 will give you adrenaline permanently. If you wish to do old jumps that are made to be completed without adrenaline you can turn nofatigue off by setting etj_nofatigue 0


You should set com_maxFPS to either 43, 76 or 125. While the FPS doesn't affect your trickjumping when pmove_fixed is set to 1 it is a good idea to stabilize your frames per second. By setting cg_drawFPS 1 you can see how well your computer performs. If your FPS is constantly over 125, com_maxFPS should be set to 125. If higher than 76 but below 125, it should be set to 76. Same thing applies for 43.

Additional information
Setting com_maxFPS to 333 and pmove_fixed to 0 actually changes the physics slightly. Most people consider this cheating and most servers have it disabled.


You can change field of view by modifying the cg_fov cvar. By increasing it from the default value of 90 you can see a lot more around you. It doesn't affect trickjumping in any way but most people like to change it.

Basic features

Position saving and loading

It is possible to save your position and later load the saved position, teleporting you back to the original saved position. To save your position, type /save in console. To load your saved position, type /load in console.

Binding save and load to a key
You might also want to bind the save and load to keys. By doing it you no longer need to type /save every time you want to save. Binding save can be done by typing /bind [key] save in console. Load can be bound to a key by typing /bind [key] load in console.

Additional save slots
There are three position slots in ETJump. To save a position to another slot just type /save [slot] to console. Possible slots are 1 and 2. Slot 0 is the slot that is used if no slot is defined.

Loading both view angles and position
If you want to load the view angles and position when you load, you need to set etj_loadViewAngles 1. This is on by default. If you want to keep aiming at the same direction as before loading, set etj_loadViewAngles 0.

Backup slots
Incase you accidently save and overwrite an important save slot, you can load the previous slot by typing /backup [slot] in console. There are three backup slots 1, 2 and 3. 1 is the previous saved position, 2 is the saved position before that and so on.

Teleporting to other players

ETJump let's you teleport to other players and teleport other players to you. Teleporting to other player is simple, just type /goto [player name]. The other player must enable teleportation first. Enabling can be done by typing /nogoto in console. The command toggles whether players can teleport to him or not.

Teleporting other player to you can be done by typing /call [player name] in console. The other player must first enable call by typing /nocall in console. It toggles whether players can teleport him or not.

Private messages

To send a private message, type /m [player name] [message] in console.

Hiding players

ETJump automatically hides players that are close to you. This way they won't block your view. If you want to always see the players, set /etj_hide 0. If you want to adjust the distance when the players are hidden, it can be done with the cvar etj_hideDistance.

Additional information
If you don't want other players to see you, type etj_hideMe 1 in console.

Keys pressed

ETJump automatically shows you the keys you press. It also shows the keys players you spectate press. This makes it easier to learn, what to press and when!

Modifying key press HUD

  • Different keysets can be used with the etj_drawKeys cvar. There are five different keysets available.
  • Color of the keys can be modified with the etj_keysColor cvar.
  • Size of the keys can be modified with the etj_keysSize cvar.
  • Position can be modified using etj_keysX, etj_keysY cvars.
  • Shadow can be drawn using etj_keysShadow cvar.


If you want to check how fast you're going or how much speed you're gaining speedometer is just for you! There are two different speedometers:

The original ETPub-like speedometer etj_drawSpeed.
alt text

  • Displaying just horizontal speed can be done by setting /etj_speedXYonly 1.
  • Changing how often the speedometer updates can be modified with the /etj_speedinterval cvar.
  • Changing the units can be done with the /etj_speedunit:
value Unit
0 Units per second
1 Miles per hour
2 Kilometers per hour

The simple one etj_drawSpeed2.
alt text

  • Position on the X/Y-axis can be modified with etj_speedX, etj_speedY.
  • Size of speedometer can be modified with etj_speedSize.
  • Color of speedometer can be modified with etj_speedColor.
  • Color of speedometer can be made to indicate acceleration with etj_speedColorUsesAccel
  • Transparency of speedometer can be modified with etj_speedAlpha.
  • Text shadows can be added with etj_speedShadow.
  • Max speed from last load session can be displayed with etj_drawMaxSpeed.

Portal gun

Portal gun let's you shoot portals at walls, run into portals and get teleported to the other portal. To shoot a portal, just do /bind KEY +attack2 where KEY is the key you want to use to shoot the second portal.

Additional information
If you do not want to see other people's portals, turning them is simply done by typing /etj_viewPlayerPortals 0 in console.

Advanced features


CHS is a feature that lets you see plenty of different interesting client related values.
There are two different CHS positions:

  • To activate the one around your crosshair, do /etj_drawCHS1 1.

alt text

  • To activate the list-type, do /etj_drawCHS2 1. Alternatively, value of 2 will align the text right for positioning it on the right side of the screen.

alt text

Each position has 8 configurable cvars, that let you see different things. Setting them is simple, just do /etj_CHS1InfoX [VALUE] or /etj_CHS2InfoX [VALUE] where X is an position (1..8) and "VALUE" is an integer from the following table.

The following list can be displayed ingame by typing /chs.

Value What it shows
1 player's speed
2 player's health
4 player's ammo for currently selected weapon
10 horizontal distance to plane
11 vertical distance to plane
12 true distance to plane
13 true distance to plane from view point
14 horizontal/vertical/true distance to plane
15 horizontal/vertical/true(view) distance to plane
16 world x y z location of plane
20 speed along world x axis
21 speed along world y axis
22 speed along world z axis
23 horizontal speed
24 true speed
25 speed relative to forward
26 speed relative to side
27 speed relative to forward/side
28 horizontal speed/speed relative to forward/side
30 player's pitch
31 player's yaw
32 player's roll
33 player's X position
34 player's Y position
35 player's Z position
36 view X position
37 view Y position
38 view Z position
40 player's pitch/yaw
41 player's position in the world
42 player's position in the world and pitch/yaw
43 view position in the world and pitch/yaw
44 position x y z
45 view position x y z
46 angles x y z
47 velocity x y z
50 jump x y z
53 plane angle z
55 last jump speed

Overbounce detector

Overbounce detector shows you if you can overbounce by jumping to a certain platform. It also shows you which kind of overbounce is possible, do you need to jump or fall.

It is simple to use it, do /etj_drawOB 1 and point at any platform.
There are two possible overbounce types:

  • Fall overbounce. You just need to fall from the edge instead of jumping.
    Overbounce detector draws an F next to your crosshair if the height is a fall overbounce height.
  • Jump overbounce. You just need to jump from the edge.
    Overbounce detector draws a J next to your crosshair if the height is a jump overbounce height.

CGaz' strafeometer

CGaz strafeometer is a tool that helps you to get correct angles when you are doing gamma jumps. There are two different CGaz' strafeometers. You can switch between them by changing the value of etj_drawCGaz. The valus acts as a bitflag, so you can display both if you want to.

  • etj_drawCGaz 1
    alt text
  • etj_drawCGaz 2
    alt text

Modifying CGaz HUD

Velocity Snapping HUD

Velocity snapping HUD can be enabled with the cvar etj_drawSnapHUD. It lets you see the zones at which all acceleration is snapped to the same value/direction. This tool is ideally combined with etj_drawCGaz 1, to visualize the correct yaw angle for acceleration to occur. By keeping your crosshair in between the minimum angle (green line) of CGaz and the edge of the next snapzone, you will gain acceleration. The exact positioning of your crosshair doesn't matter - as long as the "in between" condition is met, acceleration occurs. etj_drawSnapHUD accepts two values, 1 for drawing the full zones, 2 for only drawing the edges of the zones.

alt text

Modifying SnapHUD

Upmove meter

Upmove meter can be enabled with the cvar etj_drawUpmoveMeter. It displays a graph (1) and/or text (2) representation of +moveup times while jumping, or amount of time spend on ground. It displays the following information:


  • Time spend on ground OR time +moveup was held before landing (bottom element)
  • Total time +moveup was held (middle element)
  • Time +moveup was held after jumping (top element)

Note that due to the fact that servers run at sv_fps 20, this is only fully accurate while playing, because user commands are received at 50ms intervals while spectating or playing back demo instead of 8ms intervals while actually playing. Spectating someone or playing a demo will display a rough approximation.

Modifying upmove meter

Chat position

Moving chat location is simple. It can be done by modifying the following cvars:

  • Position on the X-axis can be modified with etj_chatPosX.
  • Position on the Y-axis can be modified with etj_chatPosY.
  • Transparency can be modified with etj_chatBackgroundAlpha.
  • Chat flags can be turned off with etj_chatFlags.
  • Chat size can be scaled with etj_chatScale.

HUD drawing

Some of the standard HUD elements can be easily hidden.

  • Charge bar with etj_HUD_chargeBar.
  • Fatigue bar with etj_HUD_fatigueBar.
  • Health bar with etj_HUD_healthBar.
  • Player's head etj_HUD_playerHead.
  • Player's health etj_HUD_playerHealth.
  • Weapon icon with etj_HUD_weaponIcon.
  • XP info with etj_HUD_xpInfo.
  • Fireteam with etj_HUD_fireteam.
  • Popups with etj_HUD_popup.

Player drawing

ETJump supports transparency effect on players. You can control transparency effect using etj_playerOpacity cvar. By enabling etj_drawSimplePlayers, players will be drawn in single color, which you can adjust with the cvar etj_simplePlayersColor.

Explosive's shaking

You can adjust camera shaking from explosives using etj_explosivesShake cvar:

  • etj_explosivesShake 3 shake from any explosions.
  • etj_explosivesShake 2 disable cam shaking from other players explosives.
  • etj_explosivesShake 1 disable cam shaking from own explosives.
  • etj_explosivesShake 0 disable cam shaking from any explosions.

Clip, Trigger & Slick drawing

A recent update to ETe engine added basic support for drawing clip brushes, trigger brushes and slick surfaces. ETJump offers cvar unlockers for these features with the cvars etj_drawClips, etj_drawTriggers and etj_drawSlicks.


This will draw any clip brushes (both playerclips and weaponclips, with different color variations per clip type), trigger brushes and slick surfaces. The system is not perfect: it will hit renderer limits very quickly on maps with lots of geometry, breaks when certain types of renderer elements are on screen (for example skyportals and HUD player head), and has no awarness of gamestate, meaning any brush that is placed onto it's correct position or moved around during gamestate will be static and might appear in a wrong position.

The shaders used for drawing are constructed in place by ETe. They can however be customized with the following cvars:

  • r_drawClipsShader
  • r_drawTriggersShader
  • r_drawClipsShader

ETJump provides some additional shaders that can be used for drawing. Note that using these shaders for r_drawClipsShader will disable the distinction between different clip types.


  • Identical to the built-in shader used by ETe, except it will disable culling on the shader, so looking at a clip brush for example will also draw the other side of the brush.


  • Allows setting 3 different transparency levels, 1 being most opaque (equivalent to the built-in shader), as well as 6 different colors (red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan). For example, tcRenderShader2c would be a medium tranparency (2) shader with cyan (c) color.

Note that since this feature is built into ETe engine and we merely provide cvar unlockers, ETJump has no real control over it's development. Keep an eye out for ETe updates for possible improvements and fixes!

Color system

ETJump includes an improved color parsing system for cvars that expect color values. The following formats are supported:

Format Example value
string white, black, green
normalized RGB(A) 1.0 0.5 0.75 0.33
true RGB(A) 255 128 191 62
hex #ff80bf, 0xff80bf
  • For RGB(A) value to be considered true RGB(A), at least one value must be over 1.
  • RGB(A) values must be put inside quotes (eg. etj_speedColor "1.0 0.0 1.0") when using ET 2.60b.
  • Omitting alpha value while using RGB(A) strings will default it to 1.0.

This color system will work with any ETJump or ETMain cgame cvar, with the exception of etj_simplePlayersColor which doesn't support setting alpha (set via etj_playerOpacity cvar instead).